Fine Artist
Sydney, Australia 
Colorado, USA

Born in vibrant Sydney Australia and currently based in Colorado's beautiful Fort Collins, Charlotte Marie
is a self taught artist 
whose work, though young, continues to capture the hearts of collectors from around the world. 
Across diverse paint and ink mediums, Charlotte's paintings whisper of something deeply embedded in nature and emotion. Her style can vary dramatically from delicate fine details, as seen through Collection Les Femmes, to the more energetic and bold, as expressed through Collection Abstract. Regardless of the style, her focus is always on creating a moment in which the viewer can reconnect with something inside.

Artist Note.

Not all of my artworks find their way onto this website, which has been designed to only include those available for public sale.
To see ongoing work or artwork in progress, follow me on 
Instagram, and please don't hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions or a piece in mind. 

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