Not all of my artworks find their way onto this website. To see ongoing work or artwork in progress, follow me on Instagram. And please 
don't hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions or a piece in mind. 

Artwork available at:

Instagram:  @ourhouseofbeautifulthings

From April 2020: Old Town Art Gallery, 173 N College Ave,Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Here: charlottemariebrady.com 

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Art for me has always been about capturing something which has the capacity to move you.

What moves me is the complexity and intricacy of being a woman. 

As a woman, a daughter and a friend, much of my life has been invested in this subject, but it becomes far more interesting when choosing to capture something so deep through a static medium. This tension however is what invites me to find and bring forth an essential quality of both the woman as a subject and of women as a collective.

I have a particular soft spot for the unspoken feeling. I so often find that our emotion is what makes us feel unattractive and overly womanly, but in truth the vulnerability of it reveals a beauty far beyond the posed, the fake and the perfect.

In both oil and mixed-medium artworks, I use compositions that reveal only so much of 'her', and colour, context and symbolism to really capture her. Sometimes this is done through a single painting, at other times it is fragmented across a few.

My work is not a statement of equality or an expression of power to women, I personally believe both men and women are essential in our world. What I am celebrating though is that “feminine mystique" and how this can beautifully move us.

I am still growing as an artist and discovering new things - styles, colours, techniques and outcomes - which together help me bring to life what I see inside of and around me.

I have much to learn, but I also have much to create.


How blessed I am do be able to do so.

Charlotte Marie is a self-taught artist from Sydney, Australia. Her studio is based in Fort Collins, Colorado where she lives with her fiancé and puppy Bourbon. Her work is privately owned by collectors in Sydney, New York, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, and will soon be placed in Old Town Gallery Fort Collins.

She is also a published illustrator in the children's book category.