"I used to think that painting to bring more beauty into the world was a superficial motive, but I've grown to disagree with my own naivety. The world needs beauty. People need beauty.


Beauty is essential to life, joy, healing, love and adventure. 


When painting I explore complex emotions and experiences through life's beauties - botanicals, landscapes and the female form. Through my art I want to take people on an adventure, back to a time when, or into a place where ...

and through this reflection, I truly hope to provide the space to feel peace, wonder and marvel again.
That is ... to experience the beauty in life." - Charlotte 




Charlotte Marie is a multidisciplinary artist working across drawing, painting and textiles.

Much of Charlotte’s work explores ways of seeing and understanding the world - giving tangibility to those universal feelings and emotions that are difficult to isolate, but make up what it is to live.

Primarily a painter, her method involves immersion into a thought on canvas through a rapid application of oil pastel line work and paint (oil or acrylic), before exploring any realism that has emerged from this state. From here, research into associated symbolism and curiosities is completed, then a rough idea of the composition is formed. Layers of brush strokes and movement are finally added to bring a story to life through striking color and vast value differences. 

Charlotte will fluidly move been raw, tactile acrylics, and elastic, luminous oil paints - with the occasional guest appearance of inks and gouache. In navigating that constant journey between real life and the world of our minds, she also find contrast, line work and value helpful to tither on that subtle line between realism and expressionism.

Although a regular student of art since those first portraiture works of Disney characters as a child, Charlotte is predominantly self-taught in painting. Following more than 12 years directing projects for some of Australia's leading creative agencies, art became a part of her career in 2018. Since then, Charlotte has become a published illustrator, held solo exhibitions at galleries throughout Colorado, developed a textile line, and her work can be found in private collections across Australia, America and Europe.

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