When Things Are Up-Side-Down - Written & Illustrated by Charlotte Marie


When I started writing this book, I only hoped to share a little joy at a difficult time. 
Not once did I anticipate the joy it would bring back to me in return.

Within hours of sharing this book as a video, I was asked if it could be used as a part of a study program for schools. Because of this, children across NSW are watching "When Things are Up-Side-Down" and being asked to create their own Hope character also using recycled material from around their house (as this book was made).

So in the spirit of sharing hope, ​I will be collecting images of all the little "HOPES" created by children,
and bringing them together in a new creative piece. This project is open to any child who is up for a creative adventure. Simply read the details below on how to submit and join in the sharing of HOPE.


1. Watch the video above.

2. Think about why this little girl might be called Hope.

3. Consider why this book was written and shared in April 2020.

4. Ponder on what you were hoping for during April 2020.

4. Reflect on what you think "The World" was hoping for during April 2020.

5. Then, using your answers above, create YOUR OWN "HOPE CHARACTER".
What would they look like? How would they dress? What might they be saying?

6. Find some recycled material from around your house (like the back of a cereal box)
and draw / paint  your HOPE to life.

7. Finally, take a photo and submit your HOPE below as a JPEG (<3MB please).

8. Send ON OR BEFORE JUNE 30th 2020 to be included within the larger project.

NB: By submitting your image your agree that it will be used by Charlotte Marie for the creation of a new work bringing together images of HOPE made by children from all around the world. Your child will retain complete ownership of their original artwork, but Charlotte Marie has the permission to use it within the context of this project including public sharing. This project is not intended as a commercial project. Should financial renumeration be received for an appropriate broader use of the final work, 90% of the funds will go back into creative education for Children, with the remaining 10% used to cover material / time costs involved. 



Not all of my artworks find their way onto this website. To see ongoing work or artwork in progress, follow me on Instagram. And please 
don't hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions or a piece in mind. 

Artwork available at:

Gallery: Old Town Art & Framery, Fort Collins

Instagram:  @ourhouseofbeautifulthings

Here: charlottemariebrady.com 

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