Finding Meaningful & Beautiful Inspiration

As a creative, I relish my mornings. Even when I'm tired and would love to just fall right back to sleep, I embrace the morning because ... it's in those early hours that the world whispers beautiful things to me, and in my case these things are usually creative direction.

To put it lightly (smile) - when I am still and listen with my whole body to the morning, my heart and creative expression embrace tenderly, revealing only the most compelling ideas that want to be created, and which I want to create in return. The really yummy stuff beneath all the other somewhat tasty bits.

Feeling the difference to my practice, seeing the difference in my art, and noticing the response difference from my clients / customers when I create work that has emerged and been guided from my morning place, has encouraged me to sit in morning stillness more and more. So daily, at around 5:30-6am it begins:

Muted sunlight or still winter dawns

New colours

Birds signing

Soft tones

Tea or coffee

Couches, pillows and throws

Warm Sheets

Dopey eyes

Stillness amongst the awakening






Embracing this time, has also helped me with a challenging and important question that has been on my mind for some time - when and where does the rich visual content that can be found online support my creative process. It's so easy to get lost in all the prettiness that can be found in these places, but I have learned that too much visual content stifles me, confuses me, and creates blurry lines between the different creative projects that I am working on. This takes me to a place that’s muddy, not clear; draining not light; stunted, not... flowing. So for me, online content can move my creative ideas forward when I need it, but I must know the idea and direction first - at every stage of the process.

But mornings, oh the mornings, this is where my inspiration and direction are revealed, and I now accept that this must be a part of my creative process, daily. Finding and accepting our own creative process (and its uniqueness) is a lesson I have learned from the beautiful Noula Diamantopoulos in her book - You Are. That is. Creative. Thank you Noula.

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